The recent Vera Institute of Justice report on the power of the prosecutor in Boulder County showed that it’s not just policing in Boulder that leads more people into the criminal justice system and ultimately to jail. Despite the spoken values and much appreciated efforts at transparency and equal justice under the law in Boulder’s 20th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, the outcomes are far from meeting the rhetoric. 

The Vera report concluded that “substantial racial disparities can be found in case filings, sentencing outcomes, and adult diversion referral” in the Boulder County DA’s Office. Coupled with the racial disparities in policing in the city of Boulder, the time is now for a town hall to learn more and speak to the need for more than transparency on these issues, but effective methods to end the disparities that are unacceptable.

The NAACP engaged recently in Boulder’s Reimagining Policing activity, but declined to continue participation when the process was judged to be a sham effort meant to legitimize a more of the same, status quo supporting activity.

Come hear, speak, and engage on these critical issues at a critical time for a discussion of justice.