In this 2-hour participatory program, we will experience the history of the colonization of Turtle Island, the land that is now known as the United States. The story will be told through the words of Indigenous leaders, European/American leaders, and Western historians. We will engage with this history through experiential exercises and small group discussions. And we’ll be invited to consider how we can build relationships with Indigenous peoples based on truth, respect, justice, and our shared humanity. 

This workshop is appropriate for high school students and adults.

Some sample responses to recent Toward Right Relationship workshops:

From Native participants: 

  • “Everything that went into this experience and the presentation is so deeply meaningful.” 
  • “This workshop is the tool I’ve been searching for to begin imagining a new way forward.”  
  • “This workshop is an innovative and impactful step towards healing.”

From non-Native participants:

  • “This is a wonderful model for fostering conversations that lead to more understanding among peoples.”    
  • “I am thankful for the discomfort and what it opened up.”  
  • “Wow – that was an excellent workshop.  Best zoom educational experience I have had!”  
  • “I’ve known and thought about indigenous peoples’ history for a long time. Now what I can do is much more in the forefront of my mind.”