[margins.] is created by and for marginalized writers & creatives of all genres and stages of career. When we say “marginalized”, we mean people who have been historically excluded from literature based on their identity, including:

-racial, cultural, ethnic, or religious identity; gender identity; sexual orientation; physical, cognitive, or emotional disability; socioeconomic adversity; and personal experiences of adversity or injustice.

We recognize that personal experiences of adversity occur in many forms and we believe that the impact of each must be respected. To guide the use of our resources, we focus on experiences that lack representation in literature, based on our best knowledge and research.

When we say “conference”, we mean the activities that are exclusively available to conference registrants and are not open to the general public, including panels, workshops, cohort meetups, and all other conference events.

-The bookfair and its associated events are free and open to the public.

If you’re a writer, aspiring or seasoned, from a historically marginalized background this space is made to center and serve YOU.