This popular course is a condensed version of our 101 and 201 material. The Restorative Practices 101 + 201 course provides an overview of some of the most important topics in our Restorative Practices 101 and Restorative Practices 201 courses. In this day-long training, participants will build their understanding of Restorative Practices as a philosophy and way of interacting in the workplace. We will discuss the ways in which our own biases impact our perception of conflict and why restorative practices are integral to transforming conflict. Participants will also learn about circles, an important part of Restorative Practices used to build relationships, prevent conflict, and heal harm when it occurs. People who participate in the Restorative Practice 101 + 201 course will walk away with a deeper understanding of what RP is and skills to apply to prevent conflict by building strong relationships first.