Designed for white individuals who wish to take their racial justice work to the next level by investing in repair.

In this 7-session retreat, we explore both the economic rationale for reparations to the descendants of the enslaved in America, as well as the moral and spiritual imperative for doing so. 

Attendees will gain an understanding of the historic inequities that result in our current 10:1 racial wealth gap and begin to research and clarify where our families fit into this historic puzzle. 

We’ll evaluate our families’ origin and prosperity stories and see how these stories need to evolve to correlate with the narratives of our African American peers. 

We’ll also map the resources that comprise intergenerational prosperity and work to trace the original sources – plus evaluate ways we can further activate our commitments to repair.

And – our reparative contributions will help fund Denver Black Reparations Council’s future reparative grant cycles! 

Throughout, we’ll engage through spirit, explore connections to beloved community, and chart our reparative paths forward.