Join the Womxn’s March on October 8, 2022 in Civic Center Park Denver!

We will have speakers beginning at 9am and beginning at 10 am we will unite and march for our rights! Join us in what may be the most important March ever!

We are still in desperate need of money to put on this event! Please donate here:

Womxn’s March Denver is a collective of womxn* committed to amplifying marginalized voices in the movement to end sexism, oppression, and injustice. Through community engagement, protest, education, and leadership, we leverage our platform to ignite action. *Womxn is defined as those targeted by sexism.

Our Brand Promise: Listen. Unite. Act. (Listen to those who have been silenced. Unite under the banner of anti-oppression. Act with intention.)

Our Values:

We value inclusivity.

We value authenticity and integrity.

We value amplifying the voices of those who have been historically marginalized.

We value remaining positive even in the face of attacks.

We value healing and building bridges.

​We value community and speaking out against oppression.